Nguluran Beach

Nguluran Beach

This destination is a tourist attraction that will always be in the hearts of most tourists around the world. This includes domestic tourists who will choose waves and white sand compared to cold air and hills. If you visit Yogyakarta, don’t forget to stop by Gunung Kidul. Where, here are stored so many beach attractions from end to end again. The charm is indeed quite impressive with their respective uniqueness. One of them is Nguluran Beach.

The name of Nguluran Beach itself is actually not very well known by domestic and foreign tourists. However, in the last few months this tourist attraction has gone viral with its cool photo spots. No half-hearted, there are approximately 5 spots that are a pity to reject. Of these 5 spots, almost all of them present a different atmosphere and nuance from the others. So, many tourists also flock to try the sensation that will never be forgotten.

Program option’s :

A. Ngluluran and Ngrenehan Beach

B. Ngluluran – Sundak and Ngandong Beach

C. Ngluluran – Sadranan and Indrayanti Beach


Private Tour Transport Service

IDR 650k

Capacity 1 – 7 Person/Car

IDR 1150k

Capacity 1 – 14 Person/Car

Start at 07.00 am


  • Car, Driver, Parking and Gasoline
  • Mineral Water


  • Entrance fee ticket and activities
  • Snorkeling Equipment
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