Jeep Merapi Vulcano View Sunrise

Jeep Merapi Vulcano View Sunrise

Mount Merapi is one of the most active mountains in Indonesia. Geological researchers use this Merapi object as a place of research because it stores a lot of stories and information. They put forward many theories about the greatness of Mount Merapi. One of the researchers, a geologist from the Netherlands named Reinot Willem, made the assumption that Mount Merapi had erupted violently in 1006. The great eruption was thought to be the cause of the decline of the Old Mataram kingdom which subsequently moved from Central Java to East Java.

After the eruption of Merapi in 2006 and 2010 it has changed the face of Kaliadem, which was once a green encampment area with a very large expanse of land. This area is now buried by former Merapi lava which was used for the Kaliadem Merapi lava tour. Tourists can look closely at the material from the eruption of Mount Merapi and can see a bunker shelter that took the lives of two volunteers.

This lava tour activity can make people understand how powerful the eruption of Mount Merapi was. With a lava tour, tourists can see the peak of Mount Merapi with a visibility of about 2 km. The mountain with an altitude of 2,965 m above sea level emits sulfatara smoke that never stops rising from its crater.

Kaliadem, which used to be a campsite equipped with facilities such as a climbing base camp, viewing post, food stalls, toilets and a prayer room, now these buildings are buried and only a few parts of the top of the buildings have been destroyed.

We can see other Merapi ferocity of a bunker where volunteers hide at that time. Actually, the banker was built for protection if at any time Merapi emits hot clouds. However, the eruption in 2006 besides spewing hot clouds also spewed material in the form of sand and hot rocks which was able to overthrow Geger Boyo (a hill located in the southern part of Merapi, thus burying the Kaliadem area.

As a result, the hot material stockpiled a 3 m thick bunker with a heat of around 1000.

Program option’s :

A. Jeep Merapi Sunrise, Prambanan Temple and Watercastle

B. Jeep Merapi Sunrise, Borobudur Temple and Chicken Church

C. Jeep Merapi Sunrise, Sultan Palace, Watercastle and Prambanan Temple

D. Jeep Merapi Sunrise, Pindul cave tubing and Heha Sky View

E. Jeep Merapi Sunrise, Prambanan Temple, Tebing Breksi and Ijo Temple


Private Transport Service

IDR 500k

Capacity 1-7 person

IDR 1000k

Capacity 1-14 person

Include :

  • Car, Driver, Parking, Gasoline, and Mineral Water

Exclude :

  • Entrance fee ticket and Merapi Jeep Activities
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